Problem face if repair is needed for X's drive!!

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May 20, 2003
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Problem face if repair is needed for X's drive!!


Problem face if repair is needed for X's drive!!
There is no service centre in Singapore(according to the shop in Sim Lim Sq). my drive have been sent out to taiwan for repair for more than a month and still no news for collection yet .
If u are a X's drive owner, keep yr recipt it is VERY IMPORTANT or els no shop will entertain u if it become defective, shop only willing to help if the drive was bought from them, but they told me they are not able to track whether the drive was sold by them or not if i can not produce my recipt. Even if I was willing to pay for the repair (still within warranty period) they still say no!!!!!

you bought it in sim lim?

could this just be something the chap says because he doesn't know or doesn't want to help with the servicing?

(just worried that it is NOT a fact, since it's according to that shop, you wouldn't want to get in trouble)

can anyone confirm this?

thanx for highlighting if it's the case, it's good to know.

This is to inform that EastGear Pte Ltd is the authorised sole distributor of the X's-Drive in Singapore. We are also the authorized distributor of many popluar brands of memory cards, batteries, chargers, portable storage solutions and other digital camera accessories.

We offer 1 year local warranty for all X's-Drives. Servicing is usually done within the day itself. Some of our authoried dealers are:

Alan Photo (Sim Lim Square)
Sysnet Communications (Sim Lim Square)
Cathay Photo (Peninsula Plaza & Marina Square)
T.K. Fototechnic (Shaw Tower)
Zoompix (Funan IT Mall)
Chamoxa (Funan IT Mall)
Inforcom (Funan IT Mall)

Be wary of unscrupulous shops or individuals who hawk cheap memory cards or portable storage. They may be a few dollars cheaper but if the stock is not from the authorized source, it will only cause more problems, time and money in the future should the product fail and require servicing. EastGear Pte Ltd will not honour warranty claims from X’s-Drives bought from non authorized dealers. Always insist that the X’s-Drive is from EastGear

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