pricing of Ixus 330 DROPPED!!?

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Went to sim lim, went to three shops on the ground level and asked about the prices of ixus 330

AP quoted me 730.. that's slightly higher than wat i normally got when i asked for it.. usually 710

then asked another one.. JSL i think.. heard about some not too good practices they have... anyway asked for it and this sales guy quoted 640.. i said i wanted it immediately... then he tell me no stock. come back tomorrow... felt kinda upset.. then i went over to the other JSL (they have two shops) this time asked a much friendlier salesman.. he said 650 and stock will be in tomorrow... hmmm... wondering how true is this? has prices of 330 dropped..

finally last shop i went to, this guy also quoted me 650... hmmm... stocks in by friday.... wonder if prices have really dropped ;p

no the price hasn't dropped..

it's a common scam used by the dealers in SLS. The "stocks" they promise you will never arrive, until you agree to buy together with some accessories whose prices are marked up.

Do a search on JSL or Sim Lim in Clubsnap and you'll find the old threads where victims described this exact scam....

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