Pond Skater

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A pic taken in the zoo.


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I thought these creatures are damn small and thus very difficult to focus. How did u manage to get them taken so sharply?

They were in a tank. What I did was to place my camera on the glass and took the picture. I cannot remember if I switched to macro mode though. Will check when I get home.

Details of the photo.

Recording mode : Single shutter
AE : Shutter priority AE
Light metering : Center
Shutter speed : 1/6sec
Aperture stop : F3.2
Exposure comp. : 0.00EV
Focusing mode : Macro
Flash mode : Auto
Sharpness : Normal
Saturation : Normal
Contrast : Normal
White balance : Auto
Sensitivity : ISO 80 equivalent
Filter : Off
Enhancement : Off
Flash Intensity : Normal
Digital zoom : Off
Date : 14/01/2002 12:28 PM
Model : QV-2900UX

Not open for further replies.