photos from penang

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Jan 17, 2002
I tot I could finish my TEXT essay in time for it to be released together... but looks like my text essay will have to wait....

announcing.... *drum roll*





rueyloon :p

GOSH! They are amazing! esp 2 and 4
i like 2 because of the darkness below the picture and the contrast with the beautiful sky and the church tower. i like the compositon

the 4th picture. gives me a sense of FREEDOM! :) good composition and exposure :)

YOu used a T5!!!! wha better start exploiting my T5! haha.
excellent. can i ask you... those dark dark shadows, did you digital edit them.
(ie: the corners... ?

the colours are super nice. ahs slide film.

did you do any so called exposure metering for T5? like using the circle?

im tempted now to unleash the power of T5 heh

Wah.. great pictures, loony!

(BTW, your website gives me a blank page)

about that church photo
it as actually very very under exposed...
on the slide it looks ok, but I think the scanner underexposed it
but with 9 rolls of slides to scan, I don't have time to do everyone individually

hence the "look" was actually caused by "tweaking"

I don't think the slide have the "impact"..... the tweaking actually brought out more "mood" from the photo

almost all the the photos I just "snapped"........ without fiddling with exposure or focussing

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