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Jan 20, 2021
Hello all clubsnapperrrrss!

We are Studio Rental House, which just opened recently for business.
If you are looking for a photography and also videography space for rental that is well equipped, fits under a certain budget, look no further. ( Maybe far for some, sorry ah! )

Our Studio is located at 22 Lorong 21A Geylang, #03-02, Prosper Industrial Building, Singapore 388431
And, it's only a 4 - 5 mins walk away from Aljunied Mrt Station, just have to cross an overhead bridge, and you will find the most obvious colored building with Blue & White Strip.

If you wish to view the studio before confirming, do fix an appointment with us via Whatsapp or Telegram or Email
9029 7780 / 8200 9065
Do state your name, company name ( Optional ), email, shoot dates and details of the shoot.

Here are some information about us : -

Not only do we rent out our space to photographers and videographers, we also provide a wide range of Godox products for sales, which we have partnered closely with the main distributor. Do let us know if you have interest in trying out some of the Godox products and we will have them ready for you. We may not have ready stock at hand but, we will surely get the products ready for you.

The studio includes a make up room that can fit 2 people, a pantry and our own inhouse toilet. A Imac display and also a 45inch Tv display for your client or subject viewing. Waiting area are located both outside and inside of the studio.

We also provide a wide range of unique color backdrop paper that may suit your shoots. We also carry a few handy stuff like, Clamps, Boom Stand, White & Black Styrofoam Board, several C stand, Light Stands, Color Gels, Tracing Paper, Scrim kit. A cyclorama background. All of these are available for your usage upon your shoot dates

If you feel like you are going to have issues setting up the lights or need an extra hand, we have also came out with a list of reliable assistants to assist you out on this. This will be a separate cost from our studio rental fee. So do feel free to let us know what you need on the day of your shoot and we will try to provide whatever solution we can over at Studio Rental House.
Our Photo equipment
Godox Lighting Equipment - 1 x 1200watts and 3 x 600watts
Light Modifiers are free for usage.

Our Video Equipment
Godox Light Equipment - 1 x FL60, 1 x VL300 and 1 x VL150
Light Modifiers are free for usage.
Not only that, our studio are able to generate 220v - 240v. Enough to hold 3 - 4 Arri Lights

Fix an appointment with us at


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