Perth Portraits

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Jan 17, 2002
These were taken with Nikon CP990 during a holiday to Perth some time ago.

The sky was an incredible blue colour.

No manipulation, except levels adjustment.

The original, for comparison.

the 2nd one is super underexpose, but very artistic =p.

I like the 3rd one.

after looking at the second picture, the third one quite scary leh.. perhaps it's the lack of color or the slight greenish tinge on the little boy's face or something.. eeks.

it's amazing that the photographer is not caught (reflection off the sunglass) taking the first shot. - brillant colors!

First pic might also be interesting if the boy looks slightly upwards and the reflection on the sunglasses is totally blue from the sky. Also, what's that red thing sticking out behind the cap? If it is something like a pole behind the boy, then a slight change of angle would hide that completely.

Nice work!

Ha ha. You're right. I didn't notice that. Tell you a secret. I cheated a bit. Here's the original, unedited picture. Removed one pole, didn't notice the other. In fact, now you mention it, there's part of the red pole on the right side of his neck as well.

The picture was taken with the camera held above my head, so you can't see my face, just a bit of the camera in the right side of his sunglasses, and the playground in his eyes. Honestly it was SO bright I could hardly see the LCD and what I was doing.


As for the second picture, it was taken at high ISO (CP990 ISO400) in late evening light. Horrid chromatic aberration and colour rendition.

Ha ha... somebody tried to cheat!

Are you going to give it another try and post it again?

Can I have your permission to try the same modification? (Better follow the rules this time, ask first before doing anything to others' pictures).

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Thanks! Much better! Think I'll keep your version!

You are welcomed! Maybe I can start a PS touch up service. ;)

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The original photo looks plain and uninteresting but you managed to turn it around 180 degree to look cool and artistic. The dark cloud, the botak tree, and the black jacket worn by the boy successfully create some aura of mystery, making it like a poster of Stephen King's horror movies.

Good job!

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