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Jun 11, 2011
Pentaxians will be rejoiced that Pentax is still alive , not dead. It officially announced Pentax KF as new entry level camera. Reports say an upgrade to K70 but new video mentioned K30.

Pentax has stuck to it's guns or roots and going against the market trend of introducing a pure photography SLR digital camera that has NO VIDEO, you read that right when every manufacturer has gone mirrorless. Is Pentax crazy or foolish? Not quite, for photography enthusiasts that prefer the optical viewfinder experience much like shooting on vintage film SLR camera but has the convenience of digital . The viewfinder has got a glass pentaprism rather than the cheap Penta mirror that were used in cheap entry level DSLR like KX which I still kept for unknown reasons..haha. 100% coverage viewfinder and weather sealed body which only find it's way to high end bodies. Pro features no less.

It comes in 3 colours, pure black, blue on black and white on black. It has some new picture profiles so a boon to the photographic artist but it has a shooting frame rate of only 6 FPS. Not great for bird or wildlife but it's usable if you know how to work around it I guess. The shutter tops out at 1/6000th so again better than the usual 1/4000th. so good for action photography.

Essentially Pentax designed KF to be a pure photographic camera and has features that are attractive in an entry level one like intervalometer, pixel shift , astrophotography and much more. ISO max out to over 100k. So I think it is lowlight capable. People already bitch about it before launch which is 25 November in USA. One Youtuber said Pentax should not launch on that date, being black Friday and thanksgiving when people have other shopping priorities. Noting that only 30% sales there but Pentax is targeting pentax loyalists worldwide. Merry Christmas and happy new year pentaxians.

From a professional Japanese photographer about why he use Pentax for artistic work apart from using Sony and Olympus professionally.

Edit: I did mention KF did not have video as what someone reported but for fullness I link Pentax forum discussion that included video in it's specs. Remember a pure photography camera like Leica m series monochrome ( no colour ) kind of product. Without the price tag.


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Dp review reaction to KF announcement. Don't get offended hor.


Although Pentax is now the only player in the DSLR pond , pundits say if Pentax has no new innovation it will find it hard to survive. Also the price of KF is also not as competitive with older Nikon model D7500 or canon nonetheless it does have somewhat of a Fujifilm film simulation which others do no have . Still better than nothing but who knows Pentax may surprise with a mirrorless camera?

Are the pundits right that KF is just a revamped K70? 13 days to 25th. Nov. 2022.


1 more day to go but we are 8 hrs. ahead so we can expect a report from Saturday onwards.

Unboxing Pentax KF in Japanese.
Crystal white version. Enjoy.
Ps if video does not play, click on YouTube.


Is Pentax KF available here yet? It's already on sale in Adorama and B&H for same price with Adorama offering 4 installments payment perhaps for USA only. Do note from now on, if ordering from online all shipments are required to be routed to SingPost where it charged 7% gst, 8% in 2023 and 9% in 2024. On top of that it charges another handling charge on top of what seller and you paid. Oh dear!
PS: SingPost will hold shipment until you pay the gst! Thereafter they will ship within 3 days. Chinese slang, want money until call.


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