Panansonic z10 lens hood

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Feb 13, 2004
Do you guys leave the lens hood on the camera all the time? Just bought a UV filter to attach to lens hood but realise lens cap does not fit. Do you guys buy another 72mm lens cap. If so, how much and where to get. Thanks. :)


Used to have a Pana FZ10. The only way to attach the required 72mm filters is to leave the lens hood on 100% of the time.

You should be able to get a suitable 3rd party lens cap with an elastic band cord for about $10 from Cathay Photo.

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Thanks for the fast reply, cphile. So why did you give up on the FZ10? What are you using now?

I just got the FZ10. Have attached a Canon 72mm UV filter I dug up from my storeroom, and I bought a HOYA rubber multihood to go over that.

Now i just leave everything on, plus a 72mm HOYA Multi-hood over the FZ-10hood/UV filter (yeah, it looks like a 500mm 135mm monstrosity if you don't like large fronted, long lens barrels). I find that the HOYA multihood keeps most things out.


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