Other Software for Canon G2?

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Jan 17, 2002
Is there any other software for users to d/l images from the camera to the comp? i know steve's digi cam has a list, but anyone tried others?

ZoomBrowser is giving me a HECK alot of problems! ;(

Originally posted by quackaroo
ZoomBrowser is giving me a HECK alot of problems! ;(

I agree. The 'update current library' option is ridiculously slow, and doesn't allow batch renaming which is a real pain.

i agree too. the transfer is very slow.

but lately i have been encountering a problem transfering images from my camera to my computer.

OS is W2K. The images will download up to a certain amount before it dies! and crashes! and i cant run the program again. I found out it is not a program fault (ZoomBrowser or Breeze) but some kind of other fault. Anyone encounter this program.

I suspect that its because i am transfering on batteries, but that would sound quite silly rite? I shall try pluggin in tonite. just wondering if anyone else has this program?

my OS is w2k sp2
using breezebrowser ever since i got my camera
no problems at all! :D

yeps i know its good
but it isnt a software problem anymore. i think its some hardware/w2k problem. w2k giving me a heck alot of problems. looks like ill to reinstall :p

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