ONHUE Photography - Motorsports, Sports, Events, Food Photography


Nov 18, 2010
ONHUE (https://www.onhue.co) is available for booking for Events Photography, Food Photography!

Events Photography starts from an hourly rate of S$180

Food Photography starts from S$25 per image

For more a complete breakdown, visit https://www.onhue.co/rates

Other general photography service is available too, drop me a hello at https://www.onhue.co/contact

Why ONHUE Photography?

ONHUE is a registered business entity (53441851A) and is managed and owned by the photographer himself. With many years of equipment inventory maintenance, ONHUE ensures that every piece of equipment is up for the job without any compromise.

For more than 10 years, photography has been more than a passion. It has always been about process and how to achieve the highest level of work regardless of rates. Ensures that every project is executed with the same level of detail throughout.

He is also a member of the Professional Photographers Association (Singapore). This means that ONHUE is not only delivering high-quality photographic works but also work relationships.