One Thread per member/ One Upz per day


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Sep 27, 2004
Punggol, Singapore
We welcome members to post a thread offering their services on a personal basis.
Apparently many members did not read the sticky thread before start a thread. I strongly advice every members to read the sticky threads if you want to start a thread or already have a thread here.

This is a reminder that only ONE thread is allowed, if you offer different types of services, you may indicate it in your thread title and your initial post.

and also only One Upz per day (bump thread after 24hrs).

If you have any changes in your current offers, you can start a new thread to update your services and close the old thread. If you no longer offering such services, please close the thread.

Please help to keep this section neat and easy for others to look for services, and also let every thread starters have a fair chance on threads visibility, or I will lock or delete threads/posts do not following the guideline in this section.

Thank you for your cooperation.

One active thread allowed for each member in Photography Services Directory.

Before you start a new thread in this section, please close unwanted threads, you can use search function to check your active threads in the Photography Services Directory,

#1, Go to Advance Search Function

#2, type your User Name in Search by User Name

#3, select Find thread started by user

#4, select Search in Forum / Market Place or Photography Services Directory and click Search Now

#5, check your threads and use Thread Tools located at top right of your initial post to close the unwanted threads.

One thread bump (Upz) per day
Please do thread bump instead of creating new threads, each member are allow to bump thread not shorter than 24hours from your last Upz.
bump thread too frequent will not get more customers but only unwanted attention from the Mods, and it is annoying to many others too.

Temporary, Periodical Service Offered
If you have Temporary, Periodical Service Offered like special promotion, oversea assignment availability etc. you can either;

#1, start a new thread just for the Temporary, Periodical Service Offered and close your Regular Service Offered thread. Once you don't need this Temporary, Periodical Service Offered thread, close it and PM me to unlock your Regular Service Offered thread.


#2, Just add the Temporary, Periodical Service Offered into your Regular Service Offered thread.

Be specific in your thread title
Thread title is the sign board of your "business", please use proper term, clear description for better visibility of your thread, eg "Affordable Wedding Photography by Tom Dick and Harry" or "Sharp Shooter - Company Events and Private Events photography, are far better just "Freelance Photographer", "Budget Photographer".

If you wish to edit your thread title, you may PM me with your new thread title.

A reminder to all members, posting images and videos is not allowed in photography services directory/modelling service directory/service wanted.

posts, threads contain images or video will be edited, deleted without prior warning.

I notice some members are pumping their threads more than once per 24 hours, and they tried to delete their previous posts to cover their tracks.

please use report bad post function if you spot or suspect anyone doing this on their threads.