Olympus 2100UZ users - What is the function of BKT for?

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Jan 17, 2002
As above.

My C700UZ have this function too. It's called bracketing. Maybe some other photography experts here can give better explanation, but in short, this function lets you take 3 successive shots at different exposures values.

In BKT mode, you need to press and hold the shutter release button for a while until the 3 shots are over.

:bsmilie: hehe, from the way I explain this I think the experts know I'm not very knowledgeable.

Kevin, you are quite correct. Sometimes you may have doubts about the exposure and you like to take images at different exposure settings. Bracketing just simplify the job. Set up the tripod and for my camera, the differences in the exposure in the shots and just snap. The camera will automatically adjust shots with exposure above and below the one indicated by the meter. My camera will need me to trip the shutter for every shot tho.

These shots were taking with an Oly 2100UZ. Ermm... don't ask about the context but they'll illustrate what the BKT function does.

With the BKT function on, pressed and held on the shutter release button. 3 shots were taken simultaneously and at differing exposures.

1st Shot:

1/13 F2.8

2nd Shot:

1/25 F2.8

3rd Shot:

1/50 F2.8


;) I thought it was when u mount the BKT with the FL40 flash? It'll tell the 2100 to use external flash and not to shake so much with the IS+ whne u buy the BKT...
gosh I'm 1.5 mths early...

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