Nintendo Wii - When is The Official Launch?

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Sep 13, 2002
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Anyone know whter the Asian version of this console will available for sale in SG? It seems still can't find one selling it in Funan.

I was at Funan Gamescore yesterday, its not officially launched here yet thats y no shops are selling.. Maxsoft indicate a launch somewhere in Feb.. Maybe it will be out after CNY?

very very very hard to get in u know that the singapore's nintendo fans have gathered and signed an online petition asking our singapore rep to import the Wii in.....

Apparently there is some problem somewhere and it is not gotten officially into spore...

Thinking of getting Wii in the first place but after some consideration, better give up. Already no time for other hobbies, after getting Wii, where got time to play? Rather use those $ for some thing more useful lor. ;) :(

official launch somewhere in march.
there are sets available in sg, unofficially.
vendors have been warn not to sell.
but there's a couple of shops around sim lim tower already selling.
anyway be careful if you decide to buy from overseas, some sets are not compatible in sg.

ya, tampines PlayBoxx and MegaMultimedia got sets but at 799 with 2 games. Export set.

Singapore would not get the Wii so soon. Even 2 months after launch in US, it's still sold out across the nation. Nintendo would definitely want to satisfy its major customer base in US, Japan and Europe (where the Wii isn't even launched yet). So for Singapore to get the Wii, we'll have to wait till there is ample supply in these three regions.

Retail price shouldnt be high since it costs about 400 for a unit with an extra controller. Graphics is good enough, its the game play that matters unlike some of the latest stuff for PS3 or PSP.


i waiting for the day i can play the Bleach game... woohoo... but i doubt got US version... so still need to get freeloader...

Sg set they say is US version rite...

In Japan it is selling like hotcakes... every electronics shop in Japan all sold out.. Very cheap too, around 350SGD if convert back. Wanted to get one but really can't beat the Japanese to it. Sold out in seconds!:cry:

Nintendo suffers so many yrs after the launch of Xbox n PS. Now time for them to fight back with Wii n DS series. Kudos to them! :thumbsup:

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