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Feb 14, 2002
I want to take up digital photography as a hobby but I don't really have much cash to spare because I am a student. Do you all know of any great offers in the US that is better than Singapore so I can get my camera while I am in the states?
My budget is probably less than $750SGD.


You can try B&H, Adorama or cord camera. These shops are more reliable in terms of service. The other option is to check with the local yellow pages and look for used camera shops. Some used camera shops are pretty well stock and you can get most of the equipment that you need. But before going down, do some research yourself to avoid being a carrot head.


point to note - if you buy in the local stores in US, do remember to factor in the sales tax. If you are buying through mail order and the mail order store is in a different state, then you don't pay sales tax, but then of course, you pay for the shipping.

you may want to ask around, do your maths and decide which is yout best option.

I checked around the net but it seems that the prices in US are more expensive than Singapore after conversion. It's only the refurbished ones that are cheaper... wonder if I should take the risk.

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