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Still 1.6x multiplier. Sian man. No full frame one of the market yet (the Contax N Digital has been delayed.. again).

Originally posted by StreetShooter
My D30 will be up for sale shortly....

sure alot of ppl will be interested ... ;)

some leak info ... same as Edmund's link..

Canon Introduces the EOS D60: 6.3 Megapixel SLR
Camera With Interchangeable Lenses: Ideal For
Studio / Catalog Pros And Advanced Amateurs

High Resolution, Improved Autofocus with Illuminated Focusing Points, and Simultaneous Recording of RAW / JPEG Files Make New D60 an Outstanding Value

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. - February 23, 2002 - Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ), continues to answer the needs of professional photographers and enthusiasts with the introduction of the EOS D60 digital SLR. Developed with the needs
of studio and catalog photographers in mind, the new D60, with its 6.3 megapixel (effective) resolution, provides photographers with the high performance, advanced features, and creative flexibility they expect from an EOS SLR camera.

The new EOS D60 replaces the extremely popular EOS D30 digital SLR model and retains many of its advanced features, while adding new and improved features including a 3-point AF system with more responsive performance, especially in low-light
conditions; 3 illuminated viewfinder focusing points; and the ability to capture images simultaneously in RAW and JPEG, a valuable feature for photographers who need to transmit images immediately but want to maintain a high-quality archive file for future use. In addition, improvements in the camera's signal processing system allow photographers to make exposures as long as 30 seconds without the assistance of a Noise Reduction feature.

"Studio photographers expressed the need for a digital camera that offers high resolution without sacrificing the functions and flexibility Canon's EOS System cameras provide," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general manager, Photographic
Products Group, Canon U.S.A. "The camera's 6.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, coupled with the ability to capture images in both RAW and JPEG formats, make the D60 the perfect tool for studio photographers and photo enthusiasts everywhere," added Mr.

The EOS D60's high resolution and outstanding color reproduction is made possible by a newly developed and proprietary 6.52 megapixel (total)/6.3 megapixel (effective), single-plate CMOS sensor with 3072 x 2048 square pixels, 12-bit analog-to-digital
conversion and an on-chip RGB primary color filter array. The sensor is the same size as the EOS D30's at 15.1 x 22.7mm, resulting in a focal length conversion factor of 1.6x compared to the 35mm format.

The EOS D60 can record images in any one of six (6) JPEG settings plus RAW, including 2048 x 1360 pixel and 1536 x 1024 pixel JPEG settings not found in the EOS D30. D60 RAW files contain an embedded 2048 x 1360 JPEG image that can be
extracted with the supplied driver software, making them ideal for photographers who need to view or transmit images quickly but need to retain maximum image quality for future editing.

The D60's autofocusing system is three times more sensitive in low light than the EOS D30's (EV 0.5 vs. EV 2). At the same time, the built-in AF assist beam is more effective than it was before. These changes result in significantly improved performance.
Additionally, in response to D30 user feedback, active focusing points are now illuminated in red directly on the focusing screen, making it easier to confirm focusing point selection and AF completion.

Other feature improvements include an illuminated LCD data panel on top of the camera, making it simpler to view and change camera settings in low light; a brighter LCD monitor for easier viewing of menus and recorded images in bright light; new
custom functions to tailor the camera's operation for individual preferences; and a new in-camera setting that allows photographers to store up to 3 sets of Shooting Parameters including contrast, saturation, sharpness and color tone.

Because it is based on the EOS D30, the EOS D60 inherits many of that camera's advanced features including a built-in E-TTL flash, 11 shooting modes, 3 AF modes, 3 metering patterns, and shutter speeds ranging from 1/4000 to 30 seconds plus Bulb.

The D60's burst mode can capture up to 8 consecutive images at 3 frames per second at all image quality settings including RAW mode. The D60 is equipped with USB 1.1 and NTSC/PAL video out ports as well as an N3-series remote control socket, a dedicated hot shoe for EX-series Speedlites and a PC terminal for external flash units.

Image data is stored on CompactFlash cards including CompactFlash Type I and II, enabling users to take advantage of the IBM Microdrive and other high-capacity storage media. The lithium-ion Battery Pack BP-511, which is included with the
camera, provides enough power to take approximately 490 images at normal temperatures.

The EOS D60 is bundled with an upgraded software package featuring powerful drivers based on those supplied with the professional EOS-1D camera, but newly upgraded for compatibility with Windows XP. Canon is also cooperating with Apple Computer to ensure that the D60 will soon be supported by the Image Capture function of OS X. Additional Canon utilities such as ZoomBrowser EX, PhotoRecord, ImageBrowser, USB Mounter, RAW Image Converter, PhotoStitch and RemoteCapture
are also supplied, together with complimentary copies of Apple QuickTime 5.0 and Adobe Photoshop 5.0 LE.

EOS D60 optional accessories include Battery Grip BG-ED3, Compact Power Adapter CA-PS400, DC Coupler DR-400, Interface Cable IFC-200PCU, Video Cable VC-100, and Neckstrap EW-100DB.

The EOS D60 measures 5.9 x 4.2 x 3.0-inches and weighs a mere 27.5 ounces (body only). It will be available at authorized retailers by the end of March with pricing to be announced.

By end-March...

Well by the time it reach here, it coulb have been abt April or May.
And the $$$, I hope, will not be so high.........

Well there is still the D30 to consider anyway.....

Copied from my cached copy of Steve's press release.
Interesting points to note about the A30/A40 -

- shutter speed range of 15 seconds to 1/1500 second;
- manual exposure;
- spot metering;
- selectable ISO settings from 50 to 400;

All these for cameras that list at US$249/299!


Features, Functions And Affordability Describe Canon's New Powershot Digital Camera Models
High Image Quality, Movie Mode, Direct Print and Other High-End Camera Features Make PowerShot A30, A40 and A100 Best Buys In Their Class

LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y. - February 22, 2002 - Canon U.S.A., Inc., a subsidiary of Canon Inc. (NYSE: CAJ), is introducing three new PowerShot digital cameras: the PowerShot A40, A30 and A100. The PowerShot A100 is Canon's first true entry-level digital camera. All three models are designed to provide consumers with a fun and affordable way to enter and experience digital photography. In addition, optional waterproof cases are available for all three models, allowing the cameras to be used as deep as 100 feet underwater.

The new PowerShot A40/A30 models offer added value to consumers with functions and features previously found only in higher-priced digital cameras. Nearly identical in appearance, both new cameras share a wealth of features designed to make digital photography easy and satisfying for all users, with the main difference between them being their maximum resolution.

The PowerShot A40 has a 2.0 megapixel CCD sensor while the PowerShot A30 features a 1.2 megapixel CCD. Both camera's incorporate a 3x optical zoom lens and offer features and image quality normally found in more expensive models, such as movie mode (with sound on the A40); a shutter speed range of 15 seconds to 1/1500 second; manual exposure; spot metering; selectable ISO settings from 50 to 400; built-in flash with 5 modes and magnified playback up to 10x for convenient image review.

The PowerShot A100 is Canon's first entry-level digital camera. It is a single-focal length, autofocus 1.2 megapixel model incorporating several advanced camera features including Movie mode, Photo Effects, Direct Print capabilities using Canon's new CP-100 dye-sub printer, and magnified playback up to 10x for precise image confirmation.

"Canon continues to work toward providing consumers with high-quality imaging products that are fun and simple to use," said Yukiaki Hashimoto, vice president and general manager, Photographic Products Group, Canon U.S.A. "These three new PowerShot models, along with their advanced features and Direct Print capability with the new CP-100 printer, will continue to make digital photography more fun and convenient for everyone."

PowerShot A40 / A30
The new PowerShot A40 and A30 cameras are designed to provide users of digital cameras with easy and enhanced functionality by offering high image quality, advanced features with comfortable operation, and easy to use software for greater enjoyment.

Aside from the difference in their CCD sensors (A40 is 2.0 MP/ A30 is 1.2MP), the cameras include several new features not found on previous mid-range PowerShot camera models including a 3-point AiAF system with single-point center focus and focus lock; a wider shutter speed range of 15 seconds to 1/1500 second; Evaluative and Spot Metering; ISO ranges including 50/100/200/400 and Auto; Movie mode (with sound on the A40); Photo Effect mode; 2x-10x enlarged playback function with scrolling; and Direct Print capabilities with Canon's new CP-100 printer as well as the current CP-10.

The PowerShot A40 and A30 cameras are equipped with a 5.4-16.2mm f/2.8-4.8 (equivalent to 35-105mm in 35mm format) 3x zoom lens which is ideal for a wide range of picture-taking situations from landscapes to portraits. The all-glass lens is designed using 9 elements in 7 groups, including one highly-refractive, glass-molded aspherical element. The aspherical element effectively suppresses distortion and provides high resolution.

The PowerShot A40 and A30 are powered by four AA-size batteries which are relatively inexpensive and much more readily available when compared to other batteries, making their replacement more economical and convenient.

Waterproof Case WP-DC200s is expected to be a popular optional accessory for the PowerShot A40 and A30, with a depth rating of 100 ft. for scuba diving. The WP-DC200s is also an excellent choice for photographing outdoor sports such as snow skiing, water skiing, and whitewater rafting. Other A40/A30 accessories include Wide Converter WC-DC52, 52mm Close-up Lens 250D, the new Tele-Converter TC-DC52, and Lens Conversion Adapter LA-DC52B which is used to mount these supplementary lenses to the cameras with a sturdy bayonet fitting.

PowerShot A100
The PowerShot A100 is designed to make digital photography as easy as point-and-shoot. From its bright silver exterior to the clearly marked control buttons, the A100 is the perfect camera for consumers making the transition from analog to digital. Adding to the simplicity of taking great photographs is the camera's Direct Print capability with Canon's new CP-100 and existing CP-10 photo printers. Now first-time users of digital cameras can make high-quality color prints without the complexity of a computer.

The PowerShot A100 also incorporates a number of high-end features including the popular Photo Effects mode originally introduced in the highly advanced PowerShot G2 camera. A low sharpening mode has been added to the Vivid, Neutral, Sepia and Black-and-White modes for a total of five separate effects for greater creativity.

The shutter speed range of the A100 is among the widest in its class with a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 second. Combining this speed with the lens's f/5.6 minimum aperture setting makes the A100 ideal for daylight photography and fast-moving objects. Alternatively, when the one-second slow shutter speed is combined with the camera's f/2.8 maximum aperture and optional ISO 400 setting, photos taken in low light conditions can be captured easily and with confidence.

The PowerShot A100 can record movies in QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) and Q2VGA (160 x 120 pixels) at 15 frames per second. Up to 10 seconds of continuous recording is possible in QVGA, and up to 30 seconds in the Q2VGA format.

Additional features offered with the PowerShot A100 include 3-point AiAF focusing; magnified playback to easily confirm critical focus, high-speed continuous shooting at 2.5 fps, 3.2X digital zoom capability, built-in flash with four flash modes and RGB primary color filters. The A100 uses two AA-size batteries and is compatible with CompactFlash Type I removable media. Its optional waterproof case will be called the WP-DC400.

PowerShot G2 Available in Black

Based on overwhelming input from professional photographers, the Canon PowerShot G2 camera is now available in a black body finish. Professional photographers have favored the PowerShot G2 over other fully-featured digital cameras because of its compact size, hi-resolution, and full manual features. The G2 is often used by pros to scout locations or to simply take great pictures without the weight and bulk of SLR bodies, lenses and accessories.

Image Management Software

Bundled with a comprehensive suite of programs enabling image management, editing, compositing and printing, the PowerShot A40, A30 and A100 are compatible with a wide range of both Mac and PC computers, including support for Windows XP and Mac OS X. Each camera comes with Apple QuickTime 5.0, Canon RemoteCapture 2.2, and PhotoStitch 3.1 for both Macintosh and Windows, as well as Canon ZoomBrowser EX 3.2, PhotoRecord 1.2 and WIA and TWAIN drivers for Windows, plus ImageBrowser 2.2 and a Photoshop-compatible plug-in for the Mac. Features integrated in both ZoomBrowser EX 3.2 and ImageBrowser 2.2 include TimeTunnel and SlideShowMaker. When using ZoomBrowser EX 3.2 or ImageBrowser 2.2, users can take advantage of new and improved features for auto layout printing, self-running full-screen slide shows, and automated preparation of images for use as e-mail attachments.

Additional software includes RAW Image Converter 1.2; ArcSoft PhotoImpression / VideoImpression (A40 model only) and the CP-10 printer driver.

All Canon PowerShot cameras and Card Photo Printer CP-100 will be available at authorized retailers in the second quarter of 2002 and have the following suggested retail prices:

PowerShot A40 $ 299 Waterproof Case WP-DC200s $240
PowerShot A30 $ 249 Waterproof Case WP-DC400 $240
PowerShot A100 $ 179 Tele-Converter TC-DC52 $129
PowerShot G2 (Black Body) $ 899 Wide Converter WC-DC52 $ 99
Card Photo Printer CP-100 $ 249 Lens Conversion Adapter LA-DC52B $20

It's already posted at

No successor for G2. Dunno whether I should be happy or not. :bsmilie:


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