Most of you must had shot this before

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Apr 18, 2004
Hi guys...

I know you all have seen ample of shots taken from the esplanade pointing to the fullerton. In fact, I believe many of you out there had one of two shots taken from this angle. Yeah...there must be too many been there, shot that & posted that kind of thing.

My second attempt from the esplanade. The first one was on weekend. I feel that there was not enough light up from the office went back again last monday.

Would appreciate any comment..bad or good...especially from those who had taken shot from this angle.

Thank you to all..


This shoot was taken handheld at aperture F3.5. Suffered from some noise as I need to push up the ISO to 400 to avoid camera shake. Would have prefered to use a smaller aperture....but can't afford the slow shutter speed.


Would like to wait for the Cheng Ho to add in some light trail on the left side of the picture...but guess I lack the patience.


This one was taken using F7.1

i think for the first, the sky is a bit to bright...

i like the 2nd, nice foreground, good comp too[wonder if you could share the location that from which you took.. seems to be at an elevated level]

Like the 2nd pic best, nice angle! :thumbsup:

hi, there... what time was it? the sky's blue is just perrrrfect! :thumbsup:

I took the second image from the roof top of Esplanade. You can take escalator all the way up. I went up there because it was less people up there. You see...I very paiseh to setup tripod on the waterfront. :embrass:

You will see many couples up there too.... :)


You can see the time and date on the third shot. :)

I like the second shot best. Nice colours.

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