Morning Mist @ Sovitel Resort - JB

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May 22, 2006
Last week I went with my church to Sovitel Palm Resort (Johor Bahru).
I woke up early morning to attend a meeting, while I'm walking towards the conference room I saw this beautiful view, so I switch my 300D and snap the view.

Please C&C.



Generally when I think about mist I think about mysterious, surreal images. To me, what you have achieved here looks like you just put on a mist filter plus a soft filter. I think mist is dramatic, and should leave that impact on the viewer.

A problem for me here is that there is no focal point, which could have been achieved by going closer to a suitable foreground object(since there is mist objects far away will naturally look soft) and leaving the background soft. Focal points can also be achieved through other methods, depending on your creativity.

It seems to me like you shot this from your hotel room. Perhaps actually going down to explore the angles and terrain might be useful.

The picture was taken from balcony of the golf club, I can't go down and explore as my meeting start soon :(


Any other C&C :)

The flowers (issit bougainevilla? sorry i can't spell for nuts) at the bottom of the frame is sort of distracting... The colour pulls your attention to it but... nothing much there to look at.

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