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Jan 17, 2002



I'm using Hoya R72.

But it's quite limited in use.
Can only be used in strong daylight. It's good for taking trees and plants as they tend to reflect more infra-red.

Still trying out...

How much does it cost? Are there different types? I'm thinking of trying too for my digicam....

Think not all cameras are suitable for IR photography

Originally posted by Keito
Think not all cameras are suitable for IR photography

I know.... but couldn't find info that says IR photography is not possible for my camera yet :p Guess this is the downside of getting a less popular and well-known brand.

I was looking for this filter for quite sometime....
Alan Photo didn't have it and quoted very high price for it,
Cathay Photo could order for me but had a waiting time of one month.
Finally wandered into Foto Guide to "try my luck".
They did not have it but were kind enough to check and ordered for me :)
Got it at $25.50.

Try the web link below, it's on infrared photography and there's a section on how to identify if ur dc can take ir pics. Cheers!

Can ur cam take IR photos?

Hi, look like u r very familiar with IR filter... ya... I do like to get one of those filter too.. But dunno where to get one... did u know what is the different effect if i used a 1000nm and a 720nm wavelength IR filter? can advise? Thanks...

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