MO: Nikon SB28DX with Full Warrenty

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Jan 24, 2002
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Hi folks,

As I've able to source for a cheaper supplies for the SB28DX speedlite, just thought of doing some MO. To me, the speedlite can act as a backup speedlite when covering important events such as wedding, ROM, etc.
The Nikon SB28DX will come with full warrenty exactly as what you get from any local retail shop.

The following are the specs:


The SB-28DX Speedlight works compatibly with all Nikon SLR cameras, including the Nikon D1 Professional Digital SLR. When used with the D1, it offers 3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash, a non-TTL auto and all of the outstanding features on the SB-28, including:

3D multi-sensor balanced fill-flash with monitor pre-flashes with F5, F100, N90s, N80, and D-type AF Nikkor lenses.

It should be able to

Matrix-balanced fill-flash with N60 and AF-Nikkor lenses

Tilting/rotating flash head with 7° down or 90° up vertical bounce capability (7 possible click-stops) and 90° right or 180° left horizontal bounce capability (9 possible click-stops)

With built-in wide flash adapter, zoom flash head can cover formats from 18mm to 85mm

Repeating flash; red-eye reduction; exposure compensation; rear-curtain flash sync; and autofocus in dim light

Guide number (ISO 100 in feet) 164 with zoom head set at 85 mm

Recycling time approximately 4 to 7.5 seconds

End of specs.

I will let this float along until 10th JuLy 2004 2359Hrs. I will collect payment after the 10th when order is signed up, once the date is met, orders will be made and MO closed. Those who do not trust me, please do not place your name in the list. I'm collecting prior to ordering because I've seen people who do not turn up to collect their orders before.

Cost: SGD$370 per piece as compared to the street price of around SGD$450.

As this is a MO test response, the more orders I gathered, I might be able to get the speedlite at lower price.

Payment details/method will be through PM as each order signs up. Prompt payment is appreciated, I won't send a 2nd PM to remind you and I'll just remove you from the list.

I will only proceed if there's at least 3 orders.

Nick, type x quantity (eg: scanner, SB28DX x 1)

To add on, the speedlite can be use on D2H, D100 and D70.

Note: For D70 user, it only support the AA and manual mode.

Up! :D
One more thing, the speedlite can be use on most Nikon film bodies.

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