Minolta Dimage 5

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Minolta Dimage 5 is this cam good? someone wants to sell me this cam @ 900 is it justifiable?

Originally posted by mpenza
$900 seems to be a good price.

Just to note.. the cam is 2nd hand no brand new... also condition unknown but i think still have some warrenty left... should i take it?

I could think of 2 bad points for the camera:
1. weak battery life
2. need to run through Minolta utility to process images

Other than these 2 points, I feel it's a good camera.

Maybe, you'll want to consider other cameras in the price range ($900) and see if this is still the best? I can't really tell you to take it or not cos a lot depends on your needs and preferences.

the price is good...

you may want to check with other D5 users like isomers007 or Flare for more comments of the usability of the cam.

for a non-user like me, I think like mpenza: the lousy battery life, and the different colour space used requires some post-processing for supposedly more accurate colour representation.

i think this is a good cam due to the zoom. controls etc.. about the points you mention, point taken....was thinking about S304 previously until my friend thinking of seeling his D5...

Dunno if i should spend the Xtra $$ on it or not..

do you know his reasons for wanting to sell it?

do note that you would probably want to get extra rechargeable batteries (and charger) and extra memory card. These could add to the cost significantly.

if the cam is in good condition I think it is a steal...

brand new one will sell for $1200+ now I think.

read up some messages in the dpreview forums. seems that the battery life is ok once the rechargeables are conditioned properly.

so go for it! :)

Tweek, actually it's also an alternative to the S602Z, except for the video and high ISO capability....

Originally posted by mpenza
I could think of 2 bad points for the camera:
1. weak battery life

people always said Minolta camera sucks your batteries dry. Same for Dynax 7, "they" said the battery will be dead after shooting 3 rolls of film.

I have shoot more than 20 rolls of film and the batteries are still "alive".

So , never treat those comments too seriously sometime.

Good luck.

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