Mid-day heat, Pattaya

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Taken on board an offshore rig used as a Para-sailing centre, off Pattaya. These people were waiting for their turn to go.

Nikon F5
Nikkor 35mm f1.4 ais
Kodak T400CN

What were you thainking when you took the shot .
i wonder . convert it to be a B&w ?

The towel is the reason you took the photo right . but the towel is also the reason why this photo turn out abit off .

overall i find this photo ok only . but the idea of shoting this shot is appealing

whilst waiting for the members of my tour group to get their chance to PARA-SAIL, i walked around the rig taking pictures.

These few people were in the Q, I thought it was cute that only these 4 persons were using towels to shade themselves from the late morning sun.

yes I have to agree, could have been better composed but i think its still can can lah.

Once I have my darkroom running again I will print the picture "better".

thanks for your comments.

Not open for further replies.