Meow Meow from Azure34

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Aug 31, 2002
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Comments and Critiques are welcome.

#1 What's Up?

#2 What a yawn !

Crysania said:
The first one, look like studio shoot...
Nice moment for the second.

evildolly said:
first one is nice =D~ 2nd one is cute but scary

*YAWN SO BIG!* :bsmilie:

Thanks for your comments, Crysania and evildolly.

The first one's background is actually a red door.
And I was lucky to capture the whole sequence of the cat yawning. May just convert them into an animation gif as my avatar ! *yawn*

i like the yawning one. makes me laugh. the ways the ears bend backwards. Like yawning and yet on the alert. hahaha :bsmilie:

nice shot.

Aye, the yawning one is nice, albeit a little tilted. Laokayu, you may want to post-process both pix a bit. Both under by a little bit, esp if you ever plan to print. ;)

My personal preference goes to the first one. It is a very nice solid background. However, the key elements of the whiskers and eye are sharp and nice. This is a rare non-frontal-face pic that works.

Thanks to Larren_Chen, khairi, lemonlogix and especially Azure for your kind comments.

You were right beside me when that "yawning" sequence was taken. So you know how lucky and instinctive a photographer needs to be. Never mind too much about the slight tilt. Once a yawn begins, just let the motor drive get to work !
My own gripe about the shot is that the feline has a blue plastic string at its neck. Now, that is not photogenic, and probably cruel as well.

Thanks once again.

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