Memory (RAM) prices at SiliconHorizon

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Jan 18, 2002
If anyone is interested, you could check out the SDRAM at SIlicon Horizon. Seems like the prices are not updated and they're much cheaper compared to SLS now. CF are way overpriced though.

Originally posted by rueyloon
I guess they will close down soon :(

that's very sad...i bought many things from them at unbelievably low price...

they gives the best service i ever seen in S'pore

i bought my ifeel mouseman optical at $68 (else where is $99)
and i got another $10 discount becos they deliver a wrong mouse to me...

btw, they come all the way to NTU to deliver a mouse...and they came again next day to give me the correct mouse

Heard that closed down liao. The restructuring thingy is just a face saving way of exiting the business. Afterall, to sell something at "unbelivable low" price is really unsustainable business model. They are a dot com or dot-gone right ?

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