Melbourne Grand Prix

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Jan 19, 2002
Upper Bukit Timah
Hi all!!!. Just came back from the Melbourne Grand Prix. However, I didn't managed to get any decent pictures at all.:( Its so damn difficult with the crowd you'll have to see to believe how fast those land missiles were going!!! Admiration to those sports photographers!!! First class reaction!!!

Nonetheless, had a wonderful time. Was very exciting from the start. Barrichello was on pole position but got clipped by Schumacher(Ralph) soon after starting. You guys should see Schumacher's car go airborne!!! The incident also took much of the pack out of the race and Schumacher(Michael) emerged fourth. Worked his way up to first, followed by Montoyo and never looked back.

Aussie rookie Mark Webber had an excellent day and came in fifth. Pretty good for first race. It was good to see both Minardi cars finished the race. Toyota was pretty good until Salo spun out in the last lap.

I totally enjoyed the day.:) Next stop is Sepang. I think you guys should really be there!!!

Sorry to hear you didn't think you got anything good... maybe you did, you just don't know about it yet! Glad you enjoyed the day anyway...

If you think those cars are difficult... at least they're predictable...

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