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Jan 18, 2002
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Hi, juz recieve my bill and i was shocked to find out that i was billed for sending 31 sms to overseas last month. i don't remember having any frens who went overseas except for 1 but i only send 1 sms during that time.

called m1 up and they cannot trace wat number that i send to they only got the message centre number and they said its only 1 country. also 31 sms to the same guy is alot coz i only msg a few pple alot of times.

could it be the icq sms thats being charged? coz i got a fren always use icq sms me then i reply.
any1 got similar encounters b4?

Originally posted by Shadus
yes, ICQ SMS are considered as overseas SMS. And these will be charged.

Hmm.. wait, how do they know it was you if you send sms thru ICQ??? :confused:

Mind if you explain? Thanks!

ok guys, here's what i know:


if you send a sms thru ICQ to your friends, you will not be charged coz there's no way to determine who sent that.
But the receiving party will be charged.
So you an M1 user receives a sms sent via ICQ, you will be charged based on internet SMS rate which is 10cent per sms if i am not wrong.

Global SMS:

This used to be free, but not since 15Dec.
I used to enjoy communicating via SMS with my oversea friends for free, but when i got my bill for Dec i was also shocked to find out a charge for Global SMS.
Called up M1 and was informed that all outoing oversea SMS will now be charged with effect from 15Dec.
Asked them why i was not informed and they said it was in stated in the previous bill. Must be one of those small print tricks again.

Aren't we all so sick of all these small prints?

So watch that sms you are sending to......

Originally posted by azone

Hmm.. wait, how do they know it was you if you send sms thru ICQ??? :confused:

Mind if you explain? Thanks!

Err...I dun quite get your question.

Have you used this before? The HP number is keyed in ICQ.

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