look at the list...what cam to get?

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Mar 18, 2002
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looking at the list of cam prices in japan as posted by another poster, which DC cam gives the best bang for the buck, as compared to prices in singapore? followed by features? i'm currently looking at c700uz for the zoom, but welcome any comments or suggestions on other cameras with lower zoom and higher pixels. does anyone know if they do have cams with instructions in english there, as in here? what other things must i find out, apart from them having no warranty?

the list..and prices in yen behind.

10,000 JPY Japan Yen = 139.034 SGD Singapore Dollars

CANON PowerShot G2 74,000
CASIO QV-2900UX 34,600
CASIO QV-4000 49,000
FUJIFILM Fine Pix 2800Z 36,500
FUJIFILM Fine Pix 4800Z 33,500
FUJIFILM Fine Pix 4900Z 47,200
FUJIFILM Fine Pix 6800Z 42,500
FUJIFILM Fine Pix 6900Z 71,800
FUJIFILM Fine Pix F601 51,400
MINOLTA DimageX 43,900
NIKON COOLPIX 5000 90,790
NIKON COOLPIX 995 58,900
OLYMPUS C-2100 Ultra Zoom 41,200
OLYMPUS C-3040ZOOM 48,800
OLYMPUS C-3100ZOOM 39,500
OLYMPUS C-4040ZOOM 61,200
OLYMPUS C-700 Ultra Zoom 39,800

if you are not exhausted, i'll really appreciate what accessories(to get in japan) to go with the cam as well.

by the way, i'm not going there...but am trying hard to find someone who is.

Dimage 7 so cheap!!!??? about onli 1.2k sgd ... In sg i think selling for about 1.7k !!!!!!!!

prices are so low, but the menu system will be in Jap.

seems like the C700UZ and C2100UZ are the better buys in the list. Get them if you don't need the extra resolution.

i'm thinking abt the c700 too, but am looking at the S602Z...anybody knows if the fuji service centre here is able to convert the firmware from japanese to english? has anyone tried it with other cameras? or does anyone have the number to fuji? the website doesn't seem to say much..except to email support@fujifilm.com.sg, who never replies.

Wah so cheap! Can set up MO for those interested and sell at 10-20% profit... I'm sure there are ppl who dun mind the Jap warranty if can get a retail new item at 20%+ savings even after your profit markup :D.. dunno about export/customs rules though (can say you buy for family/frens :D ) what are 128mb smartmedia prices? If worth it I dun mind if you buy some for me and sell at a profit (must be worth it lah!) :D

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