long exposure, low ISO or the other way round?

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long exposure and low iso

any reason for that? seems like no matter which method I use, pictures are the same, grainy, not very sharp, etc.

how abt other factors? aperture?

i assume you are talking about digicams right?

low iso is to reduce the noise level. Some people say it is feasible to increase iso to reduce the exposure time so that hotpixels won't be so jialat, but in my experience, the increase in noise due to ISO is not worth the reduction in hotpixels due to lesser exposure time.

Aperture should not affect the graininess, but will affect sharpness, because of DOF. Using the smallest aperture will cause more of your subjects to be sharp, but will cause exposure to be longer.

Perhaps the graininess is due to your cam? What cam is it, and what kind of subject in what lighting conditions are you trying to capture?

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using QV2900UX?
ISO 80 and ISO 160 are usable. ISO 320 is too noisy to be useful.

but night shot using ISO 80 at lopng exposure still very noisy leh.

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but night shot using ISO 80 at lopng exposure still very noisy leh.

hmm... is sharpness set to high? it could enhance the noise level.

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nope, sharpness level low too. is your 2900 also like that?

there's some noise with long exposure but generally I find them acceptable. maybe, you want to post a portion of the image here? I could also, when I got home.

I think for digital cam, both ways you lose. You just have to settle for the lesser of the two evils. The first evil is high ISO noise, the second evil is long exposure noise. So, experiment until you're satisfied and stick to that type of settings.

For my G1, I prefer long exposure noise. Anything above ISO100 on the G1 is ugly.

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