Light and Shadows

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Red Dawn

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Jan 17, 2002

This was taken when I was helping my friends from the Lindy Hop Ensemble cover their performance at the NAC-Shell Community Arts series at Bedok. The children were so engaged with the on-stage performance, they hardly pay me and my camera any attention even though i was physically very close to them with my wide angle lens. (lens chosen to give the shadows the wide angle "pulling effect")

Though not critically sharp, this has become my favourite pic. I like the play of the shadows of the kids on the foreground (the reason why i took the pic), and the way the shadows were cast in one direction while they are looking in another. I'm also pleasantly surprised that the background was not blown out totally when i expose for the shadows, cos the scene was REALLY dark, to the point i couldn't get a proper focus lock on the kids' faces. The background helped to give context to what's happening.....

EOS D30 with Sigma 20mm f1.8
@ f2, ISO 1600


Originally posted by StreetShooter
Did you use the hood for this shot? Seems to be some flare in the upper right, although admittedly it adds to the picture....

yes i used the hood, but i was also shooting directly into a few spotlights...tat's why the kids were very heavily back lit and very dark through the viewfinder........the D30 had a hard time focusing!

the lights are responsible for casting the nice long shadows....

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