LF/MF/SF shoot at National Orchid Gardens at SBG 18 May 2013


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Jan 10, 2003

hello guys! this Saturday morning we are shooting floral subjects in National Orchid Gardens.

National Orchid Gardens is inside Singapore Botanic Gardens just next to Ginger Garden. There is an $5 admission ticket.

Meeting place : National Orchid Gardens about 15 mins walk from Gleneagle Hospital via Tanglin Gate at 8:30am
Getting there By Bus: Via Holland Road
SBS Transit 7, 105, 123, 174
SMRT 75, 77, 106

Gear : Tripod, Remote release, macro lens, telephoto lens, close up filter etc
Good to bring : drinking water, sunblock , hat etc

Wet Weather Plan : If it drizzle/rain before the outing, then it is up to your own (including myself) discretion to turn up or not
If it drizzle/rain during the outing, pack up and go have a coffee or breakfast nearby.

Going :
1. Zguy
2. paapoopa
3. Nikkornos
4. Billy

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1. Zguy
2. paapoopa
3. Nikkornos
4. Billy
5. Georgie

1. Zguy
2. paapoopa
3. Nikkornos
4. Billy
5. Georgie
6. oceanpriest
7. wayanwolvie

1. Zguy 2. paapoopa 3. Nikkornos 4. Billy 5. Georgie 6. oceanpriest 7. wayanwolvie 8. Verticoastro

thanks all. Reminder we are meeting directly at National Orchid Gardens entrance. Late comers pls join us inside the National Orchid Gardens.

Once inside the Orchid Gardens, We may want to quickly check out the Coolhouse first before the busload of tourists arrive.

See you guys tomorrow.

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Sorry everyone I have to back out of the shoot for tomorrow... Got something on... Will join the next outing...

thanks all for coming. today weather is perfect for taking floral shots. Pls share yr photos here when ready :)

just processed 2 sheet.
some crazy bokeh from the petzval, got to bring this fellow out more :)



lets swirl....

Zone VI,
Petzval 8.5" F3.7 ( no brand ),
Aperture stopped down to f/8, lens cap shutter ( roughly 1/2 second )
5x7 PORTRA 160VC
UNICOLOR C41 ( powder )
Epson V700



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Just finished developing and scanning. Some contributions. Colour first, B&W still drying. :)

Film: Velvia 100


Film: Velvia 100


This reminds me of a 囧 face!
Film: Agfa RSX

Camera: Wista field 4x5
Lenses: 180mm and 210mm Schneider Apo-Symmar f5.6