Kung Fu Master in the mountains

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Jan 18, 2002
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Our first visit to Mount Rainier this year. My friend was having fun on the snow:



CP995, focal length = 8.2mm, f/6.7, 1/626 sec, with fill flash.

I understand that shooting snow can be a hassle. Any tips on the correct exposures?

The main problem with shooting snow is that the camera meters everything as if they are grey, so when you picture has a large patch of white it will underexpose it and the white will turn out grey.

Since I am using a digital camera, I did not do anything to exposure compensation, but relied on PS to correct the levels and colour balance. The result is of course a little higher in the noise level, but not very noticeable expecially for web posting.

I guess the correct way to do that is to use exposure compensation of +1 or +1.5 EV when you shoot in such conditions. Alternatively, use spot metering and meter off something that is grey.

Arrrgggghhhh....!!!! Wah eh chiu ah....!!!!!!!!

(Ooouuuchh! My hand....!!!!!!)


Great shots...me not sure, but it could be better if u could go lower so that the whole body is clear of the mountains in the background...:)

The last shot I posted was actually taken before the first 2 that I posted. After I realised that I need a lower angle, the first person already too tired to jump anymore, because I already took a few shots to get the timing right (CP995 shutter lag...).

That's why the other 2 shots were taken at a lower angle, plus the model can jump higher. ;)

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