just odered an oly c-755

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Jun 14, 2004
hi, im new to these forums and i just odered a c-755. i can not seem to find any solid information in english ,or any reviews,, i know the c-750 was good...
but i had to order this camera at costco web site because they have a promotional 100$ rebate off the cost of thier retail price of 479.00 so i got it with tax for 422.00 this seemed like a great deal for this camera. was kinda confused about the c-755 vs. c-765. the differences are vague. but for some reason i cant figure out olympus's price scheme. the c-765 on the oly site has a sugested retail of 499.00 while the c-750 has a retail of 599.00. i know this is no judgment of quality, just odd, and also odd is the fact that the c-755 isnt listed on thier olympusamerica.com website, only on japans. this confuses me also. is this model newer than the 765? hopfully since its a japan unique model hopefully i get one made in JAPAN to ruduce the chance of a defective lcd with dead pixels. i couldve got the c-765 at sams wholesale for 385.00. but the 755 seems like a higher quality cam to me. the looks are nicer too. if anyone can help me out with this model and the better points about it than 765 if any would be apreciated. im just curious. thanks


Hi Kevin,

C-755 is the PictBridge version of the C-750.

C-765 is a later model compared to C-755. C-765 is smaller in size and uses rechargable Li-Ion battery. Both C-755 and C-765 are not available here in Singapore.

C-770 is the latest 10x optical zoom craze from Olympus here in Singapore.

i have been looking more deeply into this.. theres more than pic bridge support.. there is also a new super zoom mode that allows the equvelent of 14x optical by zooming in and reducing the picture to a 2.1 megapixel. in theory this allows to get a 14x optical quality shot at a 2 mp resolution without sacrificing sharpness. I have to see how this works when i recieve my cam. also the c-755 is remote/hotshoe capable. the 765 is not. only thing that could make this camera perfect to me is a bigger 1.8" lcd like the 765.
oh yea,, i almost forgot,, the 755 also has a pixel smothing feature that the 765 does not also.


Sounds like the C-770 UZ to me....

C-770 UZ has 14x Optical Zoom at 2MP and has a large 1.8" Outdoor LCD. Other than that, C-770UZ uses MPEG4 for video recording. As stated previously, C-755 and C-765 are not available in Singapore here thus I can't really comment much about these 2 cameras except from what I stated earlier.


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