JSL Digital, 1 Rochor Canal Rd #01-35 Sim Lim Sq

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Apr 2, 2002
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Had a bad experience in the above shop. I advise everybody to boycott that shop. Here is the story:

Went to this shop on 3rd May 2002, Friday at 6.30 pm. I genuinely wanted to buy a camcorder. Asked for GR-DVP7 (JVC) and the guy quoted S$1690 which is about S$150 lower than my usual shop in Sembawang. For PC9E (Sony), this guy quoted S$1500, which is S$350 lower than my usual shop. I was surprised at the quoted price and tried both models with the intention to choose one. Finally, i told the salesman that i will take PC9E and thats when he started to play his game. He quickly introduced a bulky Samsung model which i had no interest at all. Despite me saying that im not interested he went on to pull it out and started to show me its features which lasted for about 15 mins. I insisted that i only wanted PC9E and he started accusing me of not giving him chance to show me the Samsung feature and that im taking advantage of him!! what the heck? Quickly he said that he dont have stock and asked me to take the run-down display set. I refused and so he said that he needs to order from his head quarters "Takara" in High Street and it will take about 30 mins. But before he could order he wanted to swipe my credit card for fear that i may run away. I realised that something is fishy. He then said that if i dont want give my credit card he wanted to see me have cash for S$1500. I said ok and drew from the near by teller. Came back and showed the money. He quickly made a call and said that i have to wait for 30 mins. I waited and 30 mins passed. I asked him what happened and he called again and replied that the driver was caught in Bencoolen Street. I realised that he is playing games. Soon a call came in and then he said the driver is in Woodlands. I was furious but couldnt do anything because i was alone. So i angrily asked him how long more should i wait and he said if i wanted i have wait and started to use foul language. Its enough for me - i showed my middle finger and walked away. Turned back and saw him one more time - bloody hell, he was laughing at me and making fun of me. A very bad experience in SimLim square. I will never go to electronics shops there except to buy PC stuff.

I have question. What are my rights in the above situation as i was alone?? If i was there with 4 or 5 of my friends the story would have been much different. Can i report to CASE?? How am i to prove??

Ok guys. Thks for listening. There are a lot of conman in SimLim square in general. In this very same shop during my ordeal i saw a foreginer being conned. Avoid this shop like a plague!!

u did the rite thing. i avoid all these small shops like the plague. Service is the most important and sometimes its worth paying a premium just for the reliability. I also had a bad experience at NAB NAB once but luckily i didnt buy anything.

I'm sitting down here wondering..............why do people still go to that place to buy electronic goods????? I know its a very sweeping statement but enough is enough. Unless you know what you're doing, don't go there.

yikes.. what an experience. Ive also experienced this when i was buying my first video cam. one shop(forgot the name) talk as if he was like one ah beng. he also insisted(in ah beng mode) i buy other cameres which i dont want to. was so scared that i went to bugis junction to sony station and bought a vid cam for just slightly expensive but with everything covered.

some SLS salesman are really weird fcuks

might be cheaper, but sometimes not worth it. i know some good shops in SLS which i think are quite good such as AP and Cybermind. :)

Originally posted by dgeralds
I have question. What are my rights in the above situation as i was alone?? If i was there with 4 or 5 of my friends the story would have been much different. Can i report to CASE?? How am i to prove??
i don't think you'll have a case with CASE (forgive the pun). 1. cos you didn't buy anything so there's no commercial value involved and it's just bad service on the part of the shop (which is legally not a offense). 2. you got no proof other than your word against his.

IMHO, just forget the whole thing except that you won't ever go back to the small-time Ah Beng shops again. There's something to be said for big dept stores like Safe and Courts after all... if you're not happy with the service, just ask for the manager and watch the salesman's face colour change. :D

sorry to hear of your trauma. u will get over it. but i believe he will get his come uppance, sooner or later.

at least u only write about it, some will even the score!

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