Jolin @ Funan

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May 7, 2002
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Reached there quite late... cos went to SLS to buy some stuff. :) Then the bus took so long to go to Funan :( Caught in traffic jam near Bugis there..

Managed to reach there just in time.


Erpz :sweat: CS Fans of Jolin won't be too happy :bsmilie:

Thanks for the comments.


Yah.. was in a bit of a rush, and just realised when I reached there that the batteries I brought for my flash died.. haha... Sigh :(

NiVleK said:
Looks like a heavily cropped shot to me.... hmmm
Yah.. it's a very heavily cropped photo heehee :)

No la... I bought the flash on the same day mah.. didn't expect to have one :)

no offence but her look at funan make her look old...maybe also because she was jet-lag and not feeling very well that day

:think: 2 hrs ago she was at orchard , also long queue ...

*rofl* :sweatsm:

is this intentional? WaHAHAHA

if it isnt, well, rare shot, we dun get many chances to shoot jolin, but this is, as showtime said, not very flattering at all!

haha i can't stop laughing, esp when i think of all her posters n mtv and then this shot. what if they sell this at cd shops haha. :bsmilie:

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