Is 700si a good Secondary Body to use ?

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May 4, 2002
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Dear All, Greetings to Seniors,

I am about to go pick up a second body as backup - so feel free to give me your feedback on the 700si, which I feel is what I have set my eyes on.



hello spilot...i m using the 700si...well its a good body in my opinion..nice grip and fact, its even good enough to be a main....hmmm, do check carefully if u are getting a second hand one..check the expansion card slots(the little door thing on the right side of the body)....expensive to replace once much is the body selling anyway??

Hi Ralph,

Too late - I got the 800si instead, at CP.
The Verticle Grip also,
Along with a Minolta f-1.4 50mm fixed.
A Lowe Nature Trekker AW
A Olympus basic kit - my wife larrrr.... she want. What to do...

Had a hell of a time getting that 800si:

>> stock not avail at branch Pen. Pz., so dispatched for a new piece from Marina - arrived but I examined it and found dust here and there - told them to resend another
>> second unit comes - turns to be 700si
>> third try - they send another 800si with dust - definitely display unit.
>> I said last try and I go else where - so, a clean one came in
half hour.

Now wasn't that a hassle, or wasn;t that a hassle ???

The reason I chosed the 800si was that it has a diopter adjustment dial next to viewfinder - me quite long sighted - old liao - coming 40.

Well, tomorrow me go try this body out at a family party...
Wish me luck bro...



all the best...but i m jus wondering...why get a brand new 800si as a backup body...errr...wun a second hand body do?? hmm..jus offences...hmmm, me also looking for a 700si vertical grip...let me know how the results are okie.. =)



I'm a little eccentric - I think getting a 2nd hand 800si or whatever has anything to do with being wasteful or spendrift, but I don't relish the idea of peering thru a viewfinder which someone else's soul has been thru for years...

Coz if our eyes are windows to our souls - our souls sure can climb out & back in thru them for specific purposes. No ?




I think the 800si is a good buy, with a powerful built in flash for moments where you forgot to bring your flash or run out of batteries! Not to forget the wireless flash function and the abilty to store your exposure settings for a few rolls of film! heard that the price went down and at around $680 (new) i think is a good buy! Have fun with your new toy! But i think you will play a more important part than the camera. You have a soul, the camera doesn't. :)

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