intending to get a dynax 5

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Feb 16, 2002
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hi, a newbie here...

i intend to buy a dynax 5(is maxxum 5 = dynax 5?), and i was quoted $688 (including bag, zoom len, accessories)from amk's MS color. Is this a good price? Is there anywhere i can exclude the freebies and get only the body and original 28-80mm len for a reasonable price?

and er... where can i get a cheap dry cabinet? thanks in advance!

Hmmm.... heard from my friend. They are having the package with 28-70mm and 70-300mm original lens from Minolta. Can ask at
Cathay and FotoGuide also. They should be selling around $700,
don't know about the exact price.

Can check out Minolta Singapore users group.

Try to search the group thru' singapore yahoo site.


CP e-quote is lower than $688.. with free len 70-300 lens too. Not sure about other freebies though.

Minolta!!!!!! best best buy liaoz can review

Hi Wcy, maxxum 5 is the same as Dynax 5, just a naming convention.

You can call cathay photo at 3374274 and ask them for the price.

Carrefour selling a 30L cabinet for $99, i think its the cheapest around.

after looking this thread, i also thinking to get for myself dyunax 5.

just now i call john 3:16, they quote me for $650 body+35-70+70-300 and bags.

but the color is silver. is it look more cheapo ??

Originally posted by andslm

but the color is silver. is it look more cheapo ??

Well... this is in the mind of the user.....if you think that it is cheapo, it is....and so on.

The most important thing is that, you are comfortable with what you are holding and not abt how other look at you. In the end, it the picture that tell a thousand words.....not the camera.

BTW, I'm using a EOS 300.

1. er, may i know wot is non date version or QD version? does it mean non date version doesn't show the date at the bottom? i tot such functions can be disabled?

2. when will the promotion for the freebies end?

3. and er, wot's AP and CP's website? so i can get an equote from them too.. thanks

i seems that non-QD version is more popular it because QD version is abit more expensive?

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