In celebration of Month of Photography Special Offer at $199 only

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In celebration with the Singapore Arts Festival,
Month of Photography (May 29 - June 29, 2002)

For a limited period only -
Special Offer! at S$199 only

Course Title:
Basic Photography Module One ($199.00)
Conducted by Renowned Professional Photographer with 30 years of experience in advertising, commercial/industry, photography, portraiture, graphic arts, offset printing as well as in the field of reprographics. He is also a consultant/trainer with vast teaching experiences in various Arts school and educational institutions for the past 15 years.

Commencement Date: 3rd June, 2002 (Monday)
Time: 7:00pm - 9.00pm
Outdoor Practical lessons: on Sundays (morning and evening)
Total number of Sessions: 8 (eight)
For other schedule kindly call:

Inoue School of Language and Art
1 Sophia Road, #04-01 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Tel: (65)63333318 Fax: (65)63333308

This basic course is designed for anyone who wants to learn to make better pictures through the preparation and in the study of the skills, materials and processes involved in photography.

The learning activities will introduce to the students the proper procedure for correct handling of the SLR camera, light sensitive materials and the basic photographic equipment.

Students will be given opportunities to experiment with exposure techniques in artificial light, daylight, electronic flash, camera placement to achieve the desired effects of good composition including the use of filters in colour correction.

The course consists of four classroom sessions and four field trips. Students will be required to complete all the activities and to submit all work done from each experiment for evaluation and certification.

At the end of the course students will be able to handle the SLR camera efficiently either hand-holding or with the proper camera support. The students will understand and use the depth of field control including the use of exposure to create the mood and effects of the desired composition. Through the practical lessons the students will be able to use electronic flash creatively and produce subtle available light photographs.

Other photography and related courses and course fees:

1) Basic Photography Module Two - 8 sessions
(Total 16hrs) - $268.00

2) Fundamental of Black-and-White Photography
8 sessions (Total 16hrs) - $268.00

3) Digital Photography for Beginners (Module One)
5 sessions (Total 10hrs) -$199.00

4) Digital Photography for Beginners (Module Two)
5 sessions (Total 10hrs) -$199.00

5) Digital Photography for Beginners (Module Three)
5 sessions (Total 10hrs) -$199.00

6) Basic Japanese Cartoon (Manga Drawing)
4 sessions (Total 12hrs) -$199.00

All courses are conducted throughout the year in a small class environment by friendly, dedicated and experienced teachers who are professionals with many years of experiences in their own respective field.

Fundamental of Black-and-White Photography - $268.00

This course is suitable for anyone who has some basic knowledge of photography and wants to learn film processing, printing with an enlarger, mixing chemicals and setting up a darkroom.

Basic Photography Module 2 - $268.00

This course is a follow up for students who have completed Basic Photography Module One and wants to learn black-and-white photography as well as how to use colour slides in their photographic expressions. Students completing this course need not go for the "Fundamental of Black-and-White Photography" course.

Digital Photography for Beginners (Module One) - $199.00

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how to get started in digital photography. Participants are given hands on lessons, learning how to make great pictures, crop, print, transfer photos to the computer. They will be able to share their photos with friends, colleagues and family members using the Internet.

Participants need not have to own a digital camera or a computer when attending the first lesson.
The course instructor will give guidiance to acquire the most appropriate digital camera according to individual needs.


Participants without computer knowledge/experiences are also welcome to attend this course as one to one personal coaching on the fundamental basics on computer literacy will be provided prior to commencement of the course at minimum cost. Individuals interested in the course are advised to start with Module One before proceeding to Module Two and Three.

Course Content:

1. Basic Digital Photography Technique
2. Picture Composition
3. The Digital Darkroom
4. Getting the shot
5. Understanding Lighting
6. Holiday digital photos
7. Creating Black and White
8. Using Coloured filters
9. Prints Scans and Special effects
10. Making online photo albums

Module One: 5 sessions
Module Two: 5 sessions
Module Three: 5 sessions

Course Facilitator/Instructor:
Current Editor, Photographer & Teacher for well known PC Magazine with 15 years experiences.

Basic Japanese Cartoon - Manga Drawing Course ($199.00)

Realizing your dream!
Whether it is for fun or you want to be professional,
this course is for anyone who wants to make the first step to manage drawing Japanese cartoon.

Course Content
1. How to draw MANGA like the professionals
2. Special effect techniques
3. Types of tools required
4. Drawing four - frame strips cartoon
5. Drawing story comics
6. Create your own cartoon character
7. Creating and Drawing your dream girls
8. Creating and Drawing cool robots and lots more...and fun!

Course Facilitator/Instructor:
Well known comics editor with vast experiences in manga drawing
from Japan.

Course Fee: S$199.00
Total Number of Sessions: Four
Date/Time: Sundays only
1) 10.30am - 1.30pm
2) 2.30pm - 5.30pm

Certificate of Completion
Students completing any of the above courses will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion with a 80% attendance.

Application forms and brochures are available at:

Inoue School of Language and Art Pte Ltd
1 Sophia Road, #04-01 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
Tel: (65)63333318 Fax: (65)63333308
Registration: First come first serve

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