i need some help here! getting a 2 in 1 webcam!

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to put it simply, right now i'm really need some HELP!

1.intel pocket digital camera (1.3MP, nice, built in mike, nice, focal point practically is MACRO MODE, nice, FLASH, nice, removeable media nice, PRICE..dunno if its worth..100 more)

2. prolink dc526 (350k only?, no mike?(video conf of cos), focal point so long, no adding media, price is nice...150 only?)

MAINLY, i want to know the picture and video quality of the intel one. its so hard to find reviews! INCREDIBLE?! nobody dares talk about intel? (ok dun start to flame intel, AMD bla bla)

IF anyone can be so nice to post his pics taken by the intel DIGITAL pocket camera ($270?) and let me see, or perhaps tell me if the quality of webcam is as disasterous as prolink as described by others...


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