How to save photos in pcd format?

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Jan 30, 2002
How can I save photos into the Koday Photo CD (*.pcd) format?

I need to save my digital photos in various resolutions. So far, the only format that I know of that can save in various resolutions is this pcd format. Are there any other formats that can do the same?

How do you guys archive your digital photos? What format do you use?

Suggestions and comments pls.

Thanks! ;)

Well most of my pic are store in the Jpeg formats as it is one of the most commonly used formats and take up less space.

Usually, after I edit a pic, I will store in 2 resolutions, one for print(1536x2304), and another (384x576) for viewing on the net.

Anyone else can help me on this?

I happen to get this cd with images in it from an overseas counterpart. The images are saved in this *.pcd format. Thus allowing me to choose the resolution size of the image when I open it.

Thought that this will be a better way to save images in different resolutions under one filename instead saving it into 3-4 different files.

Well.... I don't think consumer software allows saving into PCD format... The most is that they allow you to view it. It can be done at some photo labs (kodak I believe) at a price, but I believe that is only for slides and negatives. Why not just save the file at the largest possible resolution, and downsize it as required? More affordable method.

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