How to fix this?

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Jan 17, 2002
As you can see in the picture, the sky is overexposed but actually to your eyes is not.

Hard to explain but by seeing the picture you will know. My friends said use filter can help... but can't be done in G2.... something like put the filter half to fool the camera that the sky also appears as dark as the subject I'm focusing.


It's reflection from foilage (plants) that's causing the overexposure at the top of that tree.

Canon G2 should be able to use a polarizer filter, either screwed dirctly onto the lens or with the use of an adapter, right???

I think the tree and the space under it's shadow is excellently exposed !

the little part of the sky that is blown out is a very good trade off.

The range of contrast that our eyes can see is about 10 times (so i've heard) more than that of digital cams. This explains some of the reason why images we see fine comes out weird and why we can see better in the dark compared to digital cameras.

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