Haunts with an old flavour

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Jul 12, 2003
Jurong West
Maybe I'm weird, but I love to visit and snap old estates, especially those with almost 'extinct' shop houses, businesses, residential blocks and houses.

During my 'Off' days, I would often sling my trusty Oly 5060 monster and fill my CF cards with pics of my favourite haunts....but apart from Kampong Bahru, and Geylang areas, I'm really running out of roaming grounds.

Just hoping to find out if anyone has any idea where I can find old estates? ;)

hi, just want to know as well which part of chinatown can we find real old shophouses that have not been through urbanisation. Seems like the normal shop houses have all commercialised, and i dont know where else to get those shophouses.

Many Thanks to Clive and Witness!

Queenstown was a much better place to shoot before the many shop houses and blocks were closed/demolished. I had my childhood there and I still retain wonderful memories of queenstown. In fact, the old queenstown is the reason behind my passion for old haunts. I love the shell station (demolished already) that was near the canal, missed the old bowling centre, the Da Zhong emporium, the many stalls that used to sell varieties of food....etc... sob...sob...

As for chinatown, I think everton park and the many old condo areas near chinatown are also worth visiting. My friends have a shop in Kampong Bahru, 15 min's walk from chinatown. I've been exploring Chinatown alleys over the past 1.5 years and found many interesting but abandoned statues, interesting back doors etc....

Over the past half a year, I've been walking around Everitt, Sims Ave, and Geylang area.....but am quite disappointed that Potong Pasir did not retain the kampong style....though....

Any other suggestions? Will welcome them very much!!!!

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