Great Job on the new front page!

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To the core members of this site:

Good job on the addition of the new front page.... it gives clubsnap sort of a 'face' when in the past it just had a body (the forum).

Photo of the week is also a good idea... so that members' good shots can be displayed -- can serve as an incentive to go out and take more good shots.

Just wonder what criteria you use to select it?

Got suggestion.... to have sth like a local photonet... what I mean is have pages where individual members photos are displayed. It would be more organised compared to the format now (would be much easier to browse photos of those member's photos which I would like to see).

Just for you all to consider, dunno whether feasible (need lots of bandwidth and storage space?).

One last thing, I like the "view new posts" function very much.

Thanks for organising a local online focal point for photography.



On behalf of the ClubSNAP Team, Thanks ;)

We are looking into the visibility of incorporating more utilities, function etc into ClubSNAP, but it takes times and we are short of web developer, coder etc. And Yes, it will take up more bandwidth and storage space, which also = more $$$.

Brief descriptions on Photo of the Week. More or less, it will be voted by all the members in ClubSNAP.

All members can summit their “Photo” to the “Critique Corner”, it will be voted and selected from there.

More details will be posted soon.

We are looking for talent to help with the development of ClubSNAP's main site. If you feel that you can contribute your programming skills in PHP/MySQL/Web and are interested to help us grow from strength to strength, please send an email stating your skills to

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