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recently just read a story whereby the assasins have their gun modified to their needs. wonder if the future of camera will be like that.

imagine. your SLR top speed is only 1/2000. you go to the black market and for a small fee, they'll help you change it to 1/20000.

imagine the film transfer rate of your film is 4fps. they change it to 10 fps.

imagine this. they change the sensor in your camera frm CCD to CMOS for enhanced performance.

IMHO, this can happen, but they must be used the right way. comments?

and also, if you can modify part of your camera, what wld it be?


Try to understand cameras a bit better.

Originally posted by langzi

imagine this. they change the sensor in your camera frm CCD to CMOS for enhanced performance.

This should really be the other way around. CMOS sensor's main advantage is that they are cheaper, and with a theoretical better high ISO performance although the D30 has only at best matched up to the best CCDs out there on the market on this front. Otherwise CCD's are faster -- you'd never reach your 10fps with CMOS.

this is a fun topic . MOD the cam .
ok to me photography is abt fun and basic .
let say you have a cam that can do 1/20000 of a sec . what are you trying to take ? is that range very limited ?

10 fps . how abt 56fps. 100 fps . there is such thing call video cam . if you looking for a campact cam with the special task your want . of cos i think is possiable . but do we need it .

how offen you take a pic with 1/10000 .
unless you tell me you working for NASA .

a simple dummy cam work fine for me .

all the best to you .. but what you say is really possiable is a matter of how much you willing to pay . after all someone did come up with the 1st camera and then over the years it have so much changes that now we have cam that do 1/4000 easily common some more . good lucky

Camera mod.... But isn't it already occuring today? Maybe not change the CCD to CMOS (or X3 for that matter) for these are delicate jobs and further more, where are you going to get and replace the software so that the CMOS will work? But, people are adding external stuff... some tape a penlight to their camera as AF assist lamp... which I personally is going to do at some point of time....

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