Full HDR Prints - 24x36in - Only $1.00


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Aug 13, 2019

Hey guys. I recently had all my core gear stolen during a shoot in DT-LA. I put the camera down for 10 seconds to pose my model, and a homeless guy swiped ALL my bags before I even had a chance to turn my head. It is what it is, I just want to earn all my stuff back.

I feel as though kick-starter is too entitled asking for free money. Instead I borrowed a friends older camera, and shot four images in manual HDR. All images are movie poster size (24in by 36in) and come in a variety of wallpapers. The entire bundle is $1.00 via 'Paypal' or 'Venmo'. I feel as though earning that dollar will make me respect my gear 1000x more this time around. Definitely learn from my mistakes and get insurance if you have 'prosumer' gear.

The four images can be seen in the pic. You can also review most of my work that is posted on Instagram ( @recover_my_shutter) and decide for yourself if my talent deserves that dollar (there are also two videos on there explaining my situation). If so, click the safe certified 'shopify' link to donate a dollar and receive your downloads/pics:

Thank you for your time!



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