Freelance photography assistant wanted


Apr 2, 2011
Looking for freelance assistant in Still Photography/simple video shoots.
*Not Fulltime.

My shoots are mostly portraits, products, lifestyle & fashion.
A mixture of indoor & outdoor.

Priority will be given to assistants with experience that has assist before in tethered commercial photo shoots
or know how to set up strobes/softboxes etc. But those with minimum experience do highlight as well,
as some jobs, all i need is an extra hand to carry something or look after stuff.

Pays between $80 ~ $ 150 per day(8hrs) or between $40 ~ $80 half day(4hrs) depending on your experience.
Might have jobs in coming week 20th-27th Aug(not everyday), Maybe just 1day or up to 3 days.
So will be good to indicate your availabilty in coming week or your usual availability.

For faster response, drop me a mail at