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Jan 17, 2002
OK, admit it. One of the first things any new digital camera owner does is start taking pictures of inane stuff such as flowers. They're colourful and pretty, they don't move, you can move up close without being accused of molest, they don't scold you, there's a great variety of them and they're everywhere.

These are the best of possibly thousands I've taken. :embrass:

This one was the first macro I tried taking with my Nikon CP990. I was amazed. It's nothing spectacular, but I especially like the blue background (swimming pool).


The rest are some slightly different types of flora shots.
This is supposed to be a colour version of an Ansel Adams print:

And this is the stamen and pistil of a hibiscus:

Hi StreetShooter, I think those photos should classified as Macro/Close-Up. I will move it there for ya. ;)

Originally posted by ninelives
Hi StreetShooter, I think those photos should classified as Macro/Close-Up. I will move it there for ya. ;)

y can't flower shots be classified under nature too? i think they have a right to be there.
marco/close-up seems so technical, dead.
when i think of marco close up i only think of close up shots of dead objects nothing else

Originally posted by StreetShooter
This is the bud of a hibiscus flower (I think):

I like the 2nd, 3rd and 4th shots, but personally I think this one is the best. Great control of DOF to bring out the subject nicely. Very very nice. :thumbsup:

Great shot. I like the colors best.
Who say flower don't move? I trouble taking those that always enjoy dancing with the wind. :D

I agree. The shots are great except for the first. The red flower in the background somehow distracted my attention away from the main subject. Otherwise, the rest are great shots with good sharpness, contrast and vibrant colours. The "fairy" lily shows good composition.

BTW, did you take all these shots with a tripod or does digital camera naturally gives better sharpness or did you perform digital surgery?

As I said, the first one is posted for purely sentimental reasons.

All pictures were handheld in bright light, and sharpened just a little with PS. The Nikon CP990 macro is amazing. It works best at 50% zoom or thereabouts. Metering is fantastic, too, definitely better than the D30.

Anyway these are the best out of a few hundred shots of flowers, so you know what happened to the others....

hehe....must say that the same applies to me...if i can get 2-3 good shots out of 36...I am already elated! :D

Wow. Nice pics. I like the "stamen and pistil of a hibiscus" pic. It is difficult to get the DOF right (at least for me) for macro shots but you seems to have little problem. :)

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