Editing software?

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May 22, 2004
Anyone can reccomend me a good software for editing pics like
Under Exposed pics and How abt reducing the shining effect on the person face?( i tink its due to sweat), red eye effect?

This there a software easy to use?... anyway, i'm a newbie to digital films
(currently using ixus 430)

o...the best has to be Photoshop 6,7 or CS....more precise control and tons of plug-ins to be play around...

For removal of red-eye, dodged (desaturate 50%) the pupils untill the red has gone,
use Burn tool to give it a nice black toning...(catchlight will still be visible if not u can add a white dot using a small paint brush)...
Tha rest can be solved by adjusting the Levels or Curves...

Hope this helps abit... :D

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