Does anyone look at you differently?

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Jan 16, 2002
When you carry a Minolta around?

Tell you my experiences :

few months ago, Bluestrike was buying a 2nd hand teleconverter from a guy. We met that guy at TCW, after showing bluestrike the TC, the deal was done.

Then, this guy notice I was holidng a Cathay Plastic Bag. Out of curiosity, he peeked inside the bag .

He asked " You using Minolta eh " ?

I replied " how do you know"?

He answered " I saw it inside your bag".

I keep quiet.

He said " minolta not bad lar".

I silent........

9lives... you should ask him:

9lives: so who put autofocus on their camera first?

shopkeeper: er....

9lives: Minolta. And they did it with their wireless flash

shopkeep: er....

9lives: Btw, Dynax 7 beats other bodies in terms of function and pricing for years running....

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