Disposable underwater camera

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Apr 1, 2004
I will be heading to Perhentian for my dive trip next week and would like to take some photos in the water. Would appreciate if anyone can advise on a good dispoable underwater camera.

Thank u.

Hmm..Have not come across anything that can do more then 10m...was at lucky plaza today and saw that....but not too sure about the performance....

wellwell... theres not much of available choices for UW disposable...
to me.. all of them are of equal limited quality...

as they are juz point and shoot camera..
do keep in mind that u may need ample lighting for yr subjects..
either u take pics at shallower depths says.. 1-5m.. or u use a powerful torch..

hmmm wellwell... of coz.. a disposable w builtin flash will be a better choice than the one w/o.....

happy shooting... do show us yr pics be it gd or not.. so that everyone here can learn from yr experience... hee..;p

extra thing: hmm from past knowledge.. its best that u send yr films/disposable to the respective brand's photo processing centre for best colour effect.. result may differ with diff type of chemicals used by diff brands..
for example.. if u process yr koni** film at kod** centre.. yr pics tends get more bluish.. etc... :sweatsm:

Thanks for the replies.


Kindest regards.

I have a 1 won in a lucky draw.
outside is selling at around 30plus.. can let it off at a lower rate since i am not going to use it. U can reload normal film for future reuse.

here's the details
reusable underwater cam

Max how much u willing to let go?

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