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anyone care to enlighten me on the differences between the Olympus C700UZ , Olympus C2100UZ and Canon PRO 90IS? (Functions, Features and pricing) Any website for reference is also appreciated. Thanks.

thanks mpenza... informative links...

however, i was unable to find out if any of the above cams have the continuous 'snaps' function? <<--- not sure wats the exact term used..

Originally posted by mpenza
guess you mean continuous/burst mode or auto-bracketing mode....

all 3 have it.

oh!... thanks!

just realised that only the two Oly are possible to get below 1k.... guess that leaves the Canon out.... ponder ponder...... :dunno:

get the 2100 since the new prices quite close... faster AF/IS and cool champagne colour 8P...
700 got newer UI, smaller, cheaper.

pro90IS got swivel lcd, IS, hotshoe, higher res. [sigh]

you can check out Pro 90 IS info at my homepage ( see below my gallery link )

hmm... received the following from CathyPhoto today...

item :
1) Canon PRO90IS @ S$1,650.00
2) Olympus C2100UZ - no stock

3) Olympus C700UZ @ S$970.00
free with purchase ( while offer/stock last )
- 64MB smartmedia cad
- BU-40SE charger kit
- Photo Element software

guess that leaves the Canon out of my reach....... :( and just when I decided on the 2100UZ.... double :(

guess only AP having it? anyone know if still have stock?

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