Clown Triggerfish

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Dr Bob

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Dec 18, 2008
Cannock - North-west Singapore
An amiable kinda guy from Halmahera Island, Indonesia.


Wah...teeth really worn out.

Was this a cropped image or full frame?

Wow, never knew the mouth area is so 'furry' :bigeyes:

i'm sorry....but where is the eyes ??

further up and to the left

Thanks all.
It is cropped but only very slightly to balance the image better, as it was really a grab shot as it came in to see the reflection in the port glass. I have a closer shot, but blurry as it came well inside the minimum focal distance :eek:
I had no clue to the fury mouth until I found this one clearing out its mating patch on a little shelf on a wall dive around Halmahera Island Indonesia. Knowing they are not as aggressive as their bigger cousins I spent a while with it, watching it go about the business of preparation.
I think Chiang was on this dive with me too.

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